IMAVES d.o.o. is a Zagreb-based Croatian company, which in 2002 began operating in the field of business services management.

By advising in the selection, helping to introduce and use the solutions necessary for the availability of business systems, we put customer satisfaction at the forefront of our goals.

We achieve success by reducing IT costs by increasing staff efficiency by up to 30% and the availability of services by 75%. By automating business processes, we enable you to establish a better service for your end-users and 100% transparency of IT spending.

By constantly investing in the education of our employees, both in Croatia and worldwide, we create a professional staff that enables us a leading position in the ITSM market of both the Republic of Croatia and the region.

IMAVES d.o.o. focuses are on:

• educated and trained employees with experience
• establishing quality feedback in communication with customers
• continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system
• increasing revenue