IMAVES is a Zagreb-based company with numerous users throughout the region.

From the very beginning, in 2002, we operate exclusively in the field of business services improvement by

• designing
• introducing
• supervising
• integrating different solutions and
• ITIL educating

enabling your, our valued customers, IT is closely linked to all business needs and can easily cope with the demands and rapid changes in modern business.

Customers across the region have recognized how IMAVES ITSMsolutions help improve serviceability, reduce costs and comply with regulations, norms and standards of:

• National Bank
• Financial Services Supervisory Agency
• ISO 9001, 27001
• ITIL processes – Incident, Problem, Change, Service Management

We are focused on continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system and establishing quality feedback in communication with the customers. By advising in the selection, helping with the introduction and usage of the solutions necessary for the business systems availability, customer satisfaction stays at the forefront of our goals.

With the complete support from our partners, we have the opportunity to access numerous IT experts in our region and beyond. In that way, we create trust and security with our customers, who know that their needs will be met and their requirements resolved in the fastest way possible.

Introducing ITSM solutions in many regional companies, our certified experts ranked among the top 25 Croatian IT consultants, according to the directors of informatics who participated in the survey conducted by Mreža magazine.

By choosing our solutions with the best of products, you will get a dedicated and focused partner who is ready to supervise your growth and development for a successful market presence.