The company's basic mission is consulting in choosing the best-suited solution according to customer requirements. Customer satisfaction comes first in our business. In order to take full advantage of both knowledge and many years of experience in various fields of informatics, IMAVES is registered for engineering, project management and technical activities.

By using distributed, multi-platform supported applications and services, the need for quality supervision and timely notification of persons responsible for monitoring and supervising availability as well as the level of IT service to the end-user is expressed in order to increase IT system availability, reduce its costs and increase corporate profits.

IMAVES is engaged in designing, implementing, monitoring and integration of solutions designed to manage business services and bringing IT technologies to the end-users. In this way, it enables the synergy of products from various suppliers and IT disciplines with the aim of maximizing the availability of systems and services to end-users and making it simple and efficient to use modern information technologies.

IMAVES provides assistance to the users in the selection, implementation and use of IT equipment. This refers to the overall management and monitoring of procurement and informatization of users.