WHAT IS 4me?

4me® is an enterprise service management (ESM) solution for seamless collaboration between internal and external service providers.
4me is the only ESM solution that makes it possible for all internal departments, like IT-a, HR and Facilities, to work together seamlessly with each other, as well as with the managed service providers to which some services have been outsourced. In addition to supporting the ITIL processes, 4me also provides fully integrated knowledge management, time tracking and project management capabilities. For enterprise employees, 4me is the Self Service app that is always there for them whenever they need some help.

Built to Support SIAM for Dynamic Sourcing

Apart from 4me’s ITSM and ESM capabilities that support the ITIL and KCS practices, 4me uniquely supports the SIAM approach. This management approach is becoming increasingly important as enterprises rely on ever-more external providers. The powerful SIAM capabilities that 4me provides prepares organizations for the new reality of dynamic sourcing.

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